White Spruce

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White Spruce is a hardy, long-lived evergreen tree. It can grow in many soil types and moisture levels. And it can even tolerate significant amounts of shade. White spruce requires little maintenance and is well suited for use in shelterbelts, privacy screens, hedges, and as an ornamental in an urban setting.

 5 gallon containers - approximately 3 feet in height above the container. Several lateral branches. This size of tree is the best value for Spruce trees. Any larger and you're paying 2-3 times the cost, and establishment time is 2 years before you see additional growth. 

- Zone: 1a
- Height: 25m Spread: 6m
- Full Sun to Partial Shade
- Drought tolerant once established
- Slow to Medium growth rate (12" - 18"/year in height)