Spring Pickup. How Does It Work??

For all preorders made through the winter we prioritize convenience and flexibility through the following spring for order pickup.  This means if you’re busy in the field seeding or calving, we won’t be rushing you to pick up your order!

In May we will provide you with email notification that your trees are ready for pickup, and then you schedule a date with us convenient for yourself to pickup. We can arrange for ‘curbside pickups’, so any day and time of the week is fine. Oh, and no need to worry about being late and getting 'the leftover trees'. All our trees are extremely homogenous, and meet the specific grades we advertise.

We can help provide recommendations for how to transport your trees safely, and with help loading if needed. 

Heres a map link to our location: https://g.page/swifttreecentre?share

50 poplars in 1 gallon containers fits easily into a truck box. We can get about 100 in maximum. 
Pickup locations are well indicated in our yard.
Our curbside pickups are well labelled to avoid any confusion. 
We can lend a hand with loading if you need it!