Prairie Sky Poplar

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This fast grower with an upright form is our most popular deciduous tree and is perfect as a windbreak. It can average 4 feet of height each year. Grows best in full sunlight in a variety of soils.

It is the thoroughbred of the poplars for the prairie region. It should be the first choice on sites requires a tall, fast growing, long lived tree. 

These come in 1 gallon containers - approximately 4 feet in height above the container. These are a tremendous value right now for their size. All of our remaining stock that isn't purchased in the pre-sale will be upgraded into 2 gallon containers and will incur a price jump.

- Zone: 2
- Height: 60 feet Spread: 20 feet
- Full Sun Tree
- Drought tolerant
- Very fast growth rate
- No fuzz/fluff