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Prairie Sky Poplar

Prairie Sky Poplar

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This fast grower with an upright form is our most popular deciduous tree and is perfect as a windbreak. It can average 3.5 feet of height each year. Grows best in full sunlight in a variety of soils. Seedless, and no fuzz. Resistant to Stem canker and leaf rust. 

It is the thoroughbred of the poplars for the prairie region. It should be the first choice on sites requiring a tall, dense, fast growing shelterbelt. 

Space 8' apart in a shelterbelt for maximum windbreak.

Height: 65'
Spread 16'
Light Needs: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 3
Foliage Colour: Green
Fall Foliage: Yellow
Growth Habit: Narrow, Upright
Key Features: Seedless, Large Heart-Shaped Leaves, Fall Interest
Landscape Uses: Shelterbelt, Shade, Vertical Accent, Hedging/Screening

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