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Cutleaf Weeping Birch

Cutleaf Weeping Birch

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A graceful, white barked tree with fine, lacy dark-green foliage on long, drooping branches. Prefers sites that are less exposed (within town or a developed yard). 

Extremely showy peeling white bark which adds significant winter interest. Has a rounded weeping form. Deer do not particularly care for this plant and will leave it alone in favour of other tasty treats.

Zone: 2a
Height: 15 m (49 ft)
Spread: 8 m (25 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Light: partial shade, full sun
Fuzz/fluff: no
Catkins: yes
Fall colour: bright yellow
Growth rate: fast
Life span: medium
Maintenance: low
Suckering: low
Pollution tolerance: medium

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