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Common Villosa Lilac

Common Villosa Lilac

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Common Lilac is a the perfect shrub for the outside row of a shelterbelt.

Its fragrant, pink flowers grow in clusters at the end of its branches during mid to late summer and fade to a light pink over time. Villosa Lilac grows quickly and is drought resistant, making it suitable for the outer row of a shelterbelt. Its roots are non-suckering and it does not compete with nearby crops.

Space 3' apart in a shelterbelt for maximum windbreak.

Height: 12-15'
Spread: 8-12'
Light Needs: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 2
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Spreading
Flower Colour: Blue, Fragrant
Blooms: Spring
Key Features: Cut Flowers, Long Blooming Season
Landscape Uses: Hedging, Windbreak

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