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Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce

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These spruce are rooted into nursery containers rather than bareroot or field harvested. This means you can plant anytime of year, they won’t suffer transplant shock, near 100% survival rate, and NO top growth dormancy after planting. 

This pyramidal shaped evergreen tree is our most popular conifer. It has dark green to bluish pointed needles on stiff horizontal branches and adapts well to all soil conditions. Its large root system means the tree can handle high winds. Produces brown cones later in life that hang downward and can be found concentrated in the upper crown of the tree. This tree is great for privacy or wind break and is good as a single specimen in landscapes, parks or in mass plantings like shelterbelts.

Space 12' apart in a shelterbelt for maximum windbreak. 

5 gallon containers - approximately 2 feet in height above the container. Several lateral branches. This size of tree is the best value for Spruce trees. Any larger and you're paying 2-3 times the cost, and establishment time is 2 years before you see additional growth. 

- Zone: 2

- Height: 20m Spread: 6-7m

- Full Sun Tree

- Drought tolerant once established

- Slow to Medium growth rate (12" - 18"/year in height) See less 

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