Baby Blue Spruce

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A shimmering blue evergreen tree, with a dense habit, full stout branches, and elegant silvery-blue needles, a tree of great beauty and color which is retained throughout the year; extremely hardy and rugged. Its very dense blue foliage and perfect pyramid growth habit makes this is a premium tree!


5 gallon containers - approximately 2.5 feet in height above the container. 5 years old. Several lateral branches. This size of tree is the best value for Spruce trees. Any larger and you're paying 2-3 times the cost, and establishment time is 2 years before you see additional growth. 

- Zone: 2
- Height: 15 m Spread: 5 m
- Full Sun Tree
- Drought tolerant once established
- Slow to Medium growth rate (12" - 18"/year in height)