Baby Blue Spruce

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Baby Blue Spruce is an improved strain of the Colorado spruce, and has three things that make it unique. Consisten blue coloring, thicker needles protect from drying winds, and somewhat more slender than common Colorado Spruce.

Baby Blue Spruce is a shimmering blue evergreen tree, with a dense habit, full stout branches, and elegant silvery-blue needles, a tree of great beauty and color which is retained throughout the year; extremely hardy and rugged. Its very dense blue foliage and perfect pyramid growth habit makes this is a premium tree!

Space 12' apart in a shelterbelt for maximum windbreak.

5 gallon containers - approximately 2 feet in height above the container. 5 years old. Several lateral branches. This size of tree is the best value for Spruce trees. Any larger and you're paying 5-10 times the cost. 

- Zone: 2
- Height: 20 m Spread: 5 m
- Full Sun Tree
- Drought tolerant once established
- Slow to Medium growth rate (12" - 18"/year in height)