Tecumseh and Bounty Plum

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Plum trees require cross-pollination to produce fruit. The Tecumseh and Bounty Plum trees are the perfect pair to produce delicious plums!  These trees are 6' tall contained in 7 gallon containers. Ready to start producing fruit in 2022.

Easily transported laid down in a truck box. Make sure to add both to your cart!

Tecumseh Plum

A small hardy fruit tree with pretty fragrant white flowers in spring and tasty bright red fruit in late summer, great for eating fresh, open spreading habit of growth; an ideal selection for the home orchard. It produces dark red round fruit (technically 'drupes') with purple overtones and red flesh which are usually ready for picking in late summer. The fruits have a sweet taste and a juicy texture. Mature size is 20 feet tall and 20 feet spread. Fruits are 4cm in width. 

Bounty Plum

One of the hardiest plums, with white flowers in early spring followed by tart red fruit in summer, good for jam; glossy black bark, compact and upright in habit, quite ornamental; needs full sun and well-drained soil, a good pollinator for other plums. It produces red oblong fruit (technically 'drupes') with orange overtones and yellow flesh which are usually ready for picking in late summer. Mature size is 23 feet tall and 15 feet spread. Fruits are 4cm in width.