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The Columnar Tree for Exposed Sites

The Sundancer Poplar has all the same qualities as our Prairie Sky Poplar, only in a columnar growth shape. Fast growing, disease resistant, and grows well in a variety of soils. 

From our experience, this tree should be your #1 choice if you're looking for a columnar tree in a open landscape setting. They can create a very elegant look when placed along a driveway; a formal 'Avenue of columns' entrance.

Space 5' apart in a shelterbelt for maximum windbreak.

2 size options:

1 gallon containers - approximately 4 feet in height above the container.

2 gallon containers - approximately 6 feet in height above the container. larger caliper and more branched out

5 gallon containers - approximately 7 feet in height above the container. A much larger, fully branched tree. 

- Zone: 2
- Height: 40 feet Spread: 10 feet
- Full Sun Tree
- Drought tolerant
- Very fast growth rate
- No fuzz/fluff