Ornamental Lilacs

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Miss Kim Lilac - Distinctive dwarf Lilac with fragrant lavender purple flowers and purple fall colouration. Fragrant late bloomer. Mature Height - 6-8', Mature Spread, 4-5'

Little Lady Lilac - This new lilac combines the large flower panicles of 'Miss Kim' with the compact habit of a dwarf korean lilac. Dark pink buds open to gragrant, lilac-pink flowers. Mature Height 4-5', Mature Spread 4-5'

Pinktini Preston Lilac - Anundant bright pink panicles on a compact bush. Non suckering. Mature Height 4-5', Mature Spread 3-4'

These come in a 2 gallon container. Plants are well branched and 1.5' in height above the container.