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Pickup at Regina & Saskatoon Depot's

Pickup at Regina & Saskatoon Depot's

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We now offer delivery to our Regina and Saskatoon affiliate pickup Depots. Trees are shipped with a cube van in a walled pallet, unloaded, unpacked, and held for pickup at the depots. We will keep in close contact with you to ensure the most convenient and flexible shipment times to work with your schedule!

  • Cost of delivery to depot is $300 per pallet. 
  • Pallets are retained by the courier service. Trees will be loaded individually into your vehicle.
  • The volume from a full pallet order of trees will typically fit in the box of a single shortbox halfton.
  • We are unable to ship trees over 6' in height, so we must restrict orders to 1 & 2 gallon containers, and 5-gallon container spruce. 

A full pallet can include up to:

  • 100 1-gallon container any variety tree,
  • 30 5-gallon evergreens/parkland pillar birch, or
  • a combination (for example, 50 1-gallon and 15 5-gallon spruce)

If you're needing more than 3 pallets or much larger trees delivered, please contact us for alternative options. 

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