Baby Blue Spruce

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This intensely blue coloured pyramidal shaped Spruce is a 'premium' hybrid of the Colorado Spruce with similar growth habits to regular Colorado's except fuller in branching and needle thickness.

Their thicker needles means they retain more watering, making them more resistant to winter browning compared to Colorado Spruce

Adapts well to all soil conditions. Its large root system means the tree can handle high winds. Produces brown cones later in life that hang downward and can be found concentrated in the upper crown of the tree. This tree is great for privacy or wind break and is good as a single specimen in landscapes, parks or in mass plantings like shelterbelts.

These will come in 5 gallon containers - approximately 18 inches in height above the container.

- Zone: 2
- Height: 20m Spread: 6-7m
- Full Sun Tree
- Drought tolerant once established
- Slow to Medium growth rate (12" - 18"/year in height)